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Video editing – MODACHIAMAITALIA for MUST Boutique – Clicca su “visualizza l’articolo completo” per visualizzare il video

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  2. ummm… did anybody else notice there were no horses in this trailer?glib insight by Donkey or something a cowboy might say at a rest-stop after being robbed?  You make the call.

  3. På ett sätt förstår jag att SteReO ställer över Alex och nån mer, men å andra sidan kan det visa sig riktigt ödesdigert. Oddsen för att vi ska vinna cupen och på så sätt ta oss ut i Europa är hundra gånger större än att vi vinner fem raka i serien och tar SM-guld. Satsa på cupen! Det psykologiska värdet av att faktiskt vinna en titel för första gången på 11 år KAN inte överskattas.

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  7. I do like the new changes except 1. why can we view only 10 of the newest subscriber videos. people like myself who have hundreds of subscrptions have to go through each one now to see if anyone made a new video. please cant we go back to the old way. very upset about this and hope it changes soon

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  18. Great review Candace! I love a good murder mystery. There just don't seem to be enough of them in YA. So glad I bought this one a few weeks ago when I read another great review on it. I'll have to dive into it soon!

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  27. Your pictures are all warm and cozy looking. and with the little ones in it, it is “like a circle that has finally met its end and everything is right.”Aren’t you glad you waited?

  28. Oh my goodness Katharina!! I can't believe the difference in weather in two days LOL! I bet your boys were so excited to wake up to all that snow, I now my two would be! hugs, Jane x

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